Building Expansion

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Fence goes up 5/4/09
Breaking up the parking lot behind the Custom's House 5/11/09
Men at work behind History Center 5/18/09

Pile auger arrives 5/26/09

Setting up drill for the test pile 6/5/09

Steel structure for gallery linking Annex &
Main Museum 7/10/09

Walls coming down inside the Annex 7/10/09
Concrete pile caps to support steel columns. 7/10/09
Steel arrives 10/1/09  
Edge Studios' architect Anne Chen looks at
progress being made.
Pivoting wall structure for new Main Gallery.  
Connecting link being enclosed.

Upper level steel going up october 2009  
Glass goes in January 2010
Moveable walls
New Gallery space being created
New loading dock
New office spaces
Green roof to come
New Gallery space with new floor put in
New stairwell
Moveable walls being completed
New entrance space
Pouring concrete for the front pavilion
Old annex space being converted to gallery space
Kitchen area
New entrance off of 5th street
Renovations on Old Customs House
Renovations on Old Customs House
Main Galleries
Nancy and Warner Bacon Gallery
Multi-purpose Room
Multi-purpose Room
Leslie Lobby
Entrance off of 5th Street