Erie Art Museum Volunteer

There are many ways to get involved at the Erie Art Museum, and volunteering is a great way to get connected. Volunteers help with everything from gardening to governance. Every day of the week you will find volunteers here dedicating their time to our common cause, and making new connections.

Alexa Potter

Alexa Potter has spent hundreds of hours volunteering at the Erie Art Museum. As guest curator for the 2015 exhibition "Styled by Adams," and co-curator of the 2016 exhibition "Art of the Comic Book," Alexa drew on her experience as an historian and curator while working for the Library of Congress, The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Carnegie Museum of Art, and the Flight 93 National Memorial.

After earning degrees in history from St. Olaf College and The University of Pittsburgh, and in museum studies from George Washington University, Alexa did graduate work overseas, focusing on the cultural life in Theresienstadt Ghetto during World War II.

Her passion for museums started here. “I have always loved the Erie Art Museum; it was the first museum I ever attended, and I even went to summer camp here. As a student I took a rigorous academic path to gain the experiences I have, and consequently I've had the good fortune to work in world-class museums. Director John Vanco and the museum staff have been welcoming of the skills and insights I bring to the table; and they, in turn, have taught me much about the reality of working in a small museum.

“The EAM staff is asked to do an incredible amount with very little. If I can make things easier, and possibly even better, by volunteering to curate an exhibition, it is my pleasure to do so.”

The results are evident; volunteers absolutely do make things easier and better through their efforts.  The Staff of the EAM would like to thank Alexa for her generous contribution of time and know how.

Volunteering enriches lives through the connections made with others.
Contact us to see how you can become involved.

Volunteer Coordinator: Karen Dodson
phone: 814-459-5477

Other Positions Available

• Special Events Assistants
Greet visitors, provide information, pass out programs,
set-up/serve refreshments, clean-up

• Gallery Attendants
Help Erie Art Museum staff set up & take down exhibits, paint walls,
move display furniture, and install artwork, text panels, & labels

• Tour Guides
Facilitate tours for various groups (training sessions required)

• Kids Programming
Help kids explore & create art

• Bulk Mail Assistants
Fold, label, sort various bulk mailings

• Gardening / Grounds-Keeping
Weeding, mulching, trimming


The Erie Art Museum Blues & Jazz Festival is made possible by the efforts
of hundreds of volunteers who help with all aspects of the event including backstage production, fundraising, and recycling. These individuals make
our community a better place to live and grow with their efforts.
Thank you!

John Allcora
Angela Beaumont
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Ted Ely
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Kennedy Gadley
Leonard Ginnery
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Justin Hartnell
Barb Hauck
Leonard Holmes
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Andrew Jansens
Dana Jones
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Brad Laughary
Amanda Lavelle
Cynthia Leopold
Lavann Lewis
Marnie Loesel
Toni Lombardozzi
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Christopher Matuey
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Michelle Mioduszewski
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Kevin OConnell
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