Pittsburgh Glass Artists
Co-curated by Kathleen Mulcahy and Heather McElwee
July 28, 2017 – November 12, 2017

This collection of artwork finds a common thread through the use of the glass medium and the artists’ ties to the Pittsburgh region. These artists, originally from locations all around the country, were drawn to Pittsburgh by the vision of Pittsburgh Glass Center’s founders’ Kathleen Mulcahy and her late husband Ron Desmett. Making the Ordinary Extraordinary refers to Ron and Kathleen’s belief that an arts organization can transform a community and to the awe-inspiring and eye-opening experience that viewers will have when they see this display of ordinary material through the extraordinary perspective of 15 artists.

Pittsburgh Glass Center is a nonprofit organization, educational center, gallery and state-of-the-art glass studio dedicated to promoting glass art. Located in Pittsburgh’s East End, the center draws everyone from world-renowned artists to complete beginners to explore their contemporary gallery, take classes, and create a new generation of glass artists and enthusiasts. Today, Pittsburgh Glass Center is one of the top glass art facilities in the United States and is helping the city connect to its creative future through the innovative use of glass as art.

Lyla Nelson, Moth Orchid

Brian Engel, Unititled

Lyla Nelson, Peony

Artists in this exhibit include:

Chris Clarke

Sarah Cohen

Ron Desmett

Brian Engel

Jason Forck

Liz Fortunato

Laura Beth Konopinski

Dana Laskowski

Mike Mangiafico

Ashley McFarland

Kathleen Mulcahy

Lyla Nelson

Ed Pinto

Travis Rohrbaugh

John Sharvin

Margaret Spacapan

Becky Smith