Nicole & Harry Martin Spring Show
April 26 – September1, 2019
Welcome to the 96th annual Spring Show, a juried exhibition of the very best local and regional art. We want to thank everyone who submitted work this year and congratulate all those accepted into the show.

Every year the Museum, in partnership with Edinboro University, invites an artist, curator or critic from outside the region to jury the Spring Show. This year’s show was juried by famed kinetic sculptor Arthur Ganson, who picked 125 pieces out of over 600 submissions to be included in the exhibition. In addition, Ganson selected five objects to receive the Juror’s Award for best in show.

Please note all objects are for sale unless specifically marked NFS (Not for Sale). All proceeds support the artists and the Erie Art Museum.

Closing Celebration
September 6 from 5 – 7 pm
Join us as we celebrate the closing of the Nicole & Harry Spring Show. Grab a drink at the bar, listen to live music and from 6 to 7 pm see what’s still available. Accepted works and purchases can be taken home starting at 7pm.

Juror’s Note
Juror Arthur Ganson and wife Chehalis Hegner

“Making art is a deeply personal and sacred act. From this perspective, any act of judgment feels profane to this juror. Ah, what to do?

My initial impulse was to accept everything, but this was clearly not possible because over 600 works were submitted and the exhibition space allowed for far fewer. My second impulse was to create a simple mechanical device that would decide the fate of each piece: perhaps a pinwheel arrow to be spun in front of each work. This method would yield, like flipping a coin, an unbiased sampling of the works submitted and arguably a valid snapshot of art-making in the region. However, that approach was abandoned the moment I confronted the work itself, when my heart became involved and I felt drawn into this piece or that.

In the end I chose works that seemed to straddle an edge between clarity and ambiguity; works that provided enough solid ground as to be simply understandable, yet simultaneously open enough for personal interpretation. The process was deep and involved much conversation with my wife, Chehalis Hegner, an artist and photography educator. Together we debated many of the pieces regarding their strengths and originality.

On the jurying process, I really appreciate Chehalis’ remark:

We feel when something intimate or genuine is being shared with us. Whether through a lens, under
a paintbrush, or at the sharp end of a sewing needle where it pierces the fabric, the creator allows
us to feel close to the work. We recognize its genuine character because we sense it. We begin
to understand only after our first impression.  I ask myself which artist shared the most vulnerability?
Which artist brought a level of intimacy so transparent it created a portal through which I can most
deeply enter into the work? Does the work have a broader social significance? I select work that
embodies a sincere sense of investigation.

Whether for their abstract nature, unexpected content, social narrative or sublime sophistication of technique, the five works chosen for the Juror’s Award made the strongest impression in the areas most important to us.”

David King
Burning a Hole

Ken Coon
Syrup on Cornbread

Mark Giangaspero
Altered Identity V

Knox Brown

Herman Weber

Congratulations to all the artists in the 96th Annual Spring Show

Jason Amatangelo
Shelle Barron
Ronald Bayuzick
Chuck Benson
Marcy Bogdanich
Jamie Borowicz
William H. Brady Jr.
Margaret Brostrom
Knox Brown
Kathleen Kase Burk
Daniel Burke
Rachael Burke
Michael Camp
Gary Cardot
Nancy Carroll-Hunt
Nicole  Catalfamo
Marsha Cisek
Thomas Como
George Cooley
Ken Coon
Rebecca Coppock
Justus Cotterill
Cappy Counard
Jane Davis
Diane DeLarme
Bertalan Dudas
Jennifer Dworek
Matt Fang
Eric Fargiorgio
Tom Ferraro
Derick Fiedler
Lynn Marie Fizel
Sahana Ganeshan
Luke Gehring
Mark Giangaspero
Barbara H. Greenwood
Sally Griffin
Mark Havill
Antonio Howard
Tom Hubert
Brian Hunt
Rick James
Janyth Jay
Harold Johnson
Gina Judy
Heather Kaiser
Mark Keffer
Susan Kemenyffy
Mary Jane Kidd
David King
Suzan Kraus
Joe Krol
Lea Kronpusa
Henry Lawrence
Christiane Leach
Barbara Lockwood
Joanne Loew
Jan Lutz
Shannan Lynes
Ray Maholtz
Anne Manley
Robert Martin
William Mathie
Blair Mead
George Mepharidze
Mary Michaels
Natalie Miczikus
Julie Minich
Barbara Mink
Charles Mintz
Josh Mitchel
Sarah Moody
Frank Novel
Jason Oros
Lawrence Orr
Catherine Panebianco
Ellen Paquette
Thomas Paquette
Brian Pardini
Lindsey Pauline
Kyle Pawlowski
Stuart Pearl
Beth Pedersen
Justin Pope
Mary J. Rosiak
Jill Rouke
Ruth Ann Scanzillo
Francis T. Schanz
George Schroeder
Fred Scruton
Brendan Seibert
Carrie Shank
Ian Short
Paula Siebieda
John Smolko
Leon Snowe
Jessica Stadtmueller
Richard Stamps
Todd Steffy
Craig Sundberg
Lauree Sundberg-Schloss
Ruth Swaney
Jillian Erin Taylor
Mark Taylor
Michael Tkach
Cassi Unger
Douglas Unger
Curtis Waidley
Gwen Waight
Larry Walczak
Herman Weber
Mark Weleski
Erica Whiting
Gary L. Wolfe
Jesse Wolfgang
Julie Wonner
Stephanie Wood
Glenn  Zweygardt

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