Collection Highlights

Location: Bacon Gallery

Whether it is the cave drawings at Lascaux, or Jackson Pollock’s paint drippings in motion, art reflects the times in which it was created. The works displayed in this exhibition were chosen for their artistic renown, historical significance, and aesthetic quality. Photographers such as Alfred Stieglitz and Edward Sheriff Curtis interpret early twentieth century America in ways that were both experimental and controversial. Prints by modernists Alexander Calder, Pablo Picasso, and Joan Miró, explore simplicity in design and style, while also demonstrating complex techniques and concepts. The Erie Art Museum is proud to collect and protect these important works.

The Museum’s collection can best be described as eclectic and is comprised of artists representing a wide variety of mediums, styles, and art historical periods. This exhibition represents the first of many collection highlight exhibitions to come that will explore the vastness of the collection and allow the public to experience, learn, and grow. As each work of art on display has in some way sparked a moment of inspiration for the museum staff, we ask our visitors, how do they inspire you?