mcgensheimerArt is what brought MC Gensheimer and Richard Speicher together. In fact, their first date was at the Erie Art Museum in 1986 to view the Frederick Hurten Rhead: An English Potter in America exhibition. Both MC and Rich have been great supporters of the Museum.

Rich, an architect at Weber Murphy Fox, said, “MC and I have a strong affinity for visual arts. We enjoy supporting the arts. It’s the right thing to do.”

MC is a communications professor at Gannon University. She’s been teaching at Gannon for the past 34 years. Both MC and Rich realize the value of art. MC said, “Art takes a lot of time, patience and inspiration. A communicative message takes time to develop.” They have works by many local artists in their home. They have pieces from Matta D, David Seitzinger, Fran Schanz, Gary Cacchione, Shelle Barron, Joyce Perowicz and Lee Steadman, to name just a few.

The Erie Art Museum remains the cultural anchor of downtown. MC referred to the museum as “the heart of the community.”  She said, “It’s close to the water, government, and education. The Erie Art Museum has seeded the community with energy for a lot of art and not just visual. This includes outreach such as Kelly Armor’s Old Songs New Opportunities program.”

The Old Songs New Opportunities program trains former refugees who now live in Erie to work in early learning centers and to use their traditional children’s songs on the job.

Rich appreciates all the cultural programming that the Erie Art Museum offers the community, including the Blues & Jazz Festival, art classes, Gallery Nights and Mid-Day Art Break.

MC and Rich embrace the Erie Art Museum and its mission. MC said,  “Art contributes to the energy of Erie. It’s a vital pillar to our city. Motivational pillars are what get us to the next step as a city.”

Thank you, MC and Rich, for all that you have done and continue to do for the Erie Art Museum!