December 2018
Main Gallery

With all of the work to be done managing our collection we figured we might as well let it all hang out. Well, at least everything with a frame that is. Over a thousand objects hung salon style. The good, the bad and the ugly. Believe it or not, this is how museums displayed their objects in the 1800s.

By hanging the collection this way we’ve been able to photograph, catalog, and assess the quality and condition of every object on view. We still have about 6,000 unframed objects to go, but with storage clear of the framed objects we can begin replacing our old shelving units with new, adjustable shelves that will ultimately double the Museum’s storage space.

Practical functions aside. This project is about introducing the people of Erie to their art collection. It’s about starting conversations about what is art and in what ways can the Museum’s collecting practices best serve the community. It’s about taking stock of the past to shape the future.

This project was made possible by Dr. Richard and Janine Dreyfus

Scan provided by ErieMultimedia