Living Her Truth: Transcending Boundaries
By Béatrice Lebreton

Beatrrice Lebreton Artwork Exhibition Promotion

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Exhibition Dates: 08/05/2021 – 05/29/2022

Location: Main Gallery

Lebreton’s exhibition uses the rich vocabulary of her blended cultural heritage and draws her inspiration from traditional African motifs and cosmology. Lebreton’s quest is to weave a visual story through metaphorical use of symbols tying the past to the present. She reinterprets these symbols to convey the spiritual potential of Africa’s cultures to contemporary viewers, as they become a visual link between the past and the present. Celebrating womanhood and particularly women of color, her works are more “representations” of women instead of “portraits.” Placing them in dynamic colorful patterns, they are lifted out of the everyday setting and relocated into the realm that honors women’s vital roles in society.

Lebreton was born in Tours, France and has traveled throughout Europe and Africa. In Paris, she earned her Master of Art and Aesthetics from La Sorbonne University and a MFA from Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts. She came to the US in 1986 and lives in New York City. She has exhibited extensively nationally, and created numerous public art works in Texas, New York and Florida.