Contribute to the Collection
Make a contribution that can be enjoyed by schoolchildren and scholars alike for generations to come. By donating a work of art or funds for purchase of art, you can help us to expand our impressive collection of nearly 8,000 objects. Once approved by the EAM curator, your work of art can be donated during your lifetime or through a bequest, and you can enjoy tax deductions to the extent permitted by law.    

(Left) Mary Beth McKenzie. Marcsi with Arms Crossed, 2002.
Oil on canvas.
Gift of the Artist.

The collections of the Erie Art Museum include:
American paintings, drawings and sculpture
European paintings, drawings and sculpture
Prints – American, European and Japanese
Photographs – American, historic and contemporary
Photographs – Japanese, 19th Century
American Arts & Crafts Movement, Roycroft Shops objects
American Ceramics – historic and contemporary
20th Century Art Baskets
Greater India – Sculpture, bronze and stone
China – porcelains, jades, embroidery, furniture, etc.
Japan – porcelains, netsuke, bronzes, embroidery, etc.
Tibet – thangkas
Other – various cultures, including Etruscan, Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Pre-Columbian

To make a Gift of Art, email Susan Barnett, Curator, or call the Museum at 814.459.5477.  Please include your name and contact information, and as much of the following information as possible with your inquiry:

  • Title of the artwork
  • Artist’s name
  • Origin (history of ownership)
  • Description of the size and conditions
  • Photographs of the artwork