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Ray Howlett


Dichroism is the term Ray Howlett (American, b. 1940) applies to his dichroic glass sculptures. “Dichroic color is not a pigment or a dye, but controlled wavelengths of light similar to colors cast by a prism in a beam of light,” he explains.

“In my artwork, seeing is not believing or knowing. Initially my work strongly engages perception from the viewer. That quickly yields to giving their cognitive understanding a jolt. My art does something that most art does not do; it separates perception from cognition and allows for a transcendental experience to dominate. We are left with a visual mystery that our eyes cannot believe. My work is more about visual experience than perception or understanding.”

Nebraskan Howlett began experimenting with mirrors, optical coatings on glass, and electric lights in 1973, while living in California. His works project the infinity of time and space in kaleidoscopic patterns.