Future Memories

By John Eric Steiner

Sponsored By

Erie Bayfront Hotel
MenajErie Studio

Exhibition Dates: 09/02/2021 – 03/28/2022

Location: Frenzel Gallery

John Eric Steiner is a multimedia artist who relies on the language of cinema to create dreamlike moments. His work reflects on modern life as we experience being the first generation of humans on both sides of the camera simultaneously.

Future Memories is a series of videos, installations and objects that merge old and new media. Combining analog and digital technology including: slide projectors, raspberry pis, and a late 1970’s phone receiver, he pushes the limits of small machines within a context of techno-consumerism. Steiner’s work explores our complicated relationship with technology and its implications and intersections with sex, religion, and survival, in late capitalism. He mines his dreams for imagery and artifacts; utilizing these coded messages as a way to process uncertainty. He gives form to his fears, rendering them less powerful while leveraging their mysterious poetry.