Kids As Curators 2019

Exhibitions are about communicating. They’re about having something to say and saying it. Now in its 15th year, Kids as Curators asks Erie’s youth to collect, research, categorize and present objects in a way that says something about them as individuals and as a generation. This year the Museum partnered with three local schools – The Charter School of Excellence, Discovery Center in inner city Erie, Rolling Ridge Elementary School in suburban Harborcreek and North East Middle School in rural North East.

Each school chose a theme that mattered to them and then used the curatorial process to create their own exhibitions. Each project required students to work individually and in groups, in the classroom and after school. They talked openly, debated and created together. Independently and collectively they found and expressed their voice.

Thank you teachers, artists-in-residence and students for your enthusiasm and hard work; and to the school administrators and students’ families for all their support.

Kids As Curators is made possible through the support of