David Seitzinger


Following the excitement of “GoFish!” the community was eager for more. The Fish Commish regrouped and began planning a second wave of fiberglass sculptures. The next step was done in secrecy, as the committee worked once again with David Seitzinger to develop two versions of another animal. Speculation about what was next was finally ended with an unveiling on the steps of the Erie Art Museum in August 2003. An oversized egg appeared at the museum during the night and questions were being asked. “A gecko? A seagull? Another fish?” Hundreds of visitors gathered around waiting to see what the next project would. Seitzinger dramatically cracked the egg to reveal the sitting LeapFrog sculpture. A second, standing, LeapFrog was soon added to the project, and artists undertook their transformations with the same enthusiasm they had shown for the GoFish. Over 100 LeapFrogs were installed in downtown Erie in 2004.