David Seitzinger


David Seitzinger (b. 1941) and John Vahanian (b. 1941) have long collaborated on their kinetic flying sculptures since the 1970s. Nimbus was originally built for a lobby of a business in downtown Erie. The space dictated the size and construction of the piece, as it does for all their pieces. Nimbus was the first of their creations to use colored glass, something they experimented with for the mother-of-pearl effect the glass creates when lit from inside. The artists collaborate on all their pieces, with David often taking the lead for the mechanics. The artists acknowledge that Nimbus was somewhat easier to create than many previous works, where the small size often hindered their ability to create more imaginative kinetics.

A graduate in industrial design from the Columbus College of Art and Design, Seitzinger was a toy designer for Marx Toy Company. Seitzinger received first place in the Boston Mills show for a collaborative “flying machine” he created with John Vahanian that was also featured in the Paris Air Show. He has exhibited widely, including a recent solo show in Bethesda, Maryland, in Northwestern PA Artists Association shows and many others nationally and abroad.