Pairing Similarities

June 30, 2017 – October 21, 2017

In Pairing Similarities, D.W. Martin b. 1961 (American), presents colorful new works that combine cast bronze, tin, steel, aluminum, paint, patinas, and mixed media. These sculptures couple anatomical parts, especially hands and feet, with chairs and other structural elements. The pairings recall the Surrealists’ celebration of objective chance, “as beautiful as the chance encounter of a sewing machine and an umbrella on an operating table.” These unexpected meetings playfully investigate our relationships with everyday objects and challenge our unconscious perceptions of reality.

In conjunction with the installation in the Holstein Gallery, Martin’s large steel fabrications are on view in the Wildflower Garden and in the Inner Courtyard of the museum. These colorful structures integrate elements from the built environment, such as electrical pylons and telephone poles, into gestural, anthropomorphic images. Martin shares the sculptor’s age-old fascination with the human figure, and its echoes in the mundane, ostensibly non-figural objects that we interact with every day. Martin’s curiosity creates something extraordinary from the ordinary world.

David W. Martin was born and raised in Oklahoma. After working as a commercial artist, Martin earned a BFA in printmaking from the University of Oklahoma. In 1987, he was accepted into the MFA Sculpture Program at Virginia Commonwealth University.

A resident of Edinboro, Martin exhibits his outdoor sculptures in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, New York, Michigan, Indiana, and Tennessee. He is affiliated with Flatlanders Gallery in Blissfield, Michigan and the Midwest Sculpture Initiative. Martin teaches sculpture and 3D Foundations at Edinboro University.