Lisa Austin, installation
Lori Korsmo, drawings
Hagen Family Gallery and Katzwinkel Gallery
September 27, 2013 through January 4, 2014

A public opening will be held during Gallery Night, friday, September 27 from 7 – 10 pm.

Present is a collaboration between artists Lori Korsmo and Lisa Austin. Korsmo creates intricate drawings, informed by her interest in mathematics, lace, tile, and textiles. Austin has created a simple installation designed to heighten visitors’ responses to Korsmo’s images and to intensify awareness of the galleries’ historic architecture.

Korsmo, based in Tacoma, Washington, and Austin, Professor of Sculpture at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, have known each other since they met as students at Yale University in 1984. For this exhibition Austin has created the Hagen Gallery seating and the Katzwinkel Gallery’s fireplace screen. Artists collaborating with Austin are David Stull and Greg Gehner, who fabricated her forms. An exhibition catalogue, with an essay by Charlotte Wellman, Associate Professor of Art History at Edinboro, will accompany the exhibition.

Lori Korsmo’s intricate patterns and highly structured designs are built from a network of small pencil or ink lines on paper, yielding drawings of compelling beauty, movement and serenity. Over time, Korsmo’s ink pen nibs slowly widen and the sharp points of pencils dull, introducing subtle changes in tonality and texture. These variations intensify attentive perception, inviting a kind of meditation or reverie. Most recently, Korsmo has been investigating intense color, creating startling and intimately scaled drawings in bright hues of graphite and ink.

Austin earned her Bachelor in Fine Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University and her Master in Fine Arts at Yale University. In addition to teaching at Edinboro for 17 years, Austin has worked to preserve Erie’s architectural heritage and serves on the City of Erie Zoning Hearing Board. A lifelong resident of Tacoma, Korsmo holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the University of Washington, a Master of Arts from Central Washington State University and a Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture from Yale University. For the past twenty years, Korsmo has worked as an Information Technology specialist while maintaining a quiet studio practice without seeking shows, grants or residencies. This enables her to generate images that hover between matter and mind. The exhibition is also a collaboration between Korsmo and Austin, who subtly alters the gallery space to heighten visitors’ responses to Korsmo’s images.