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A Note from the Juror:

Congratulations to all the artists who had the courage and the faith to submit their works for the show—keep doing it. It is an act of generosity to share your creativity with the world, and I thank you for sharing it with me.

With warmest regards,


Tilden Abercrombie, Dr. Ghost Pepper and his Mecha Rex

Bruce Adams, Untitled 029 (Shop Vac)

Bruce Adams, Untitled 032 (Flannel)

Bruce Adams, Untitled 035 (Shell)

Jessica Alesso, Moses

Carol Amidi, Milquetoast i

Carol Amidi, Milquetoast ii

Daniel Austin, Federal Hill

CIVITAS, 15 Years in Erieland

Lisa Austin, Pictorial Map of Eastside Erie (After Lorenzetti)

Lisa Austin, Don’t Tear Down Our Bridge

Shelle Barron, Study for second line

Ron Bayuzick, Kyoto

Chuck Benson, Divided Canvas

Trey Blystone, Dreamy Sunset

Margaret Brostrom, Polk Girls #1

Margaret Brostrom, Polk Girls #2

Margaret Brostrom, Polk Girls #3

Kathleen Kase Burk, Boxed Set

Kimberly Chapman, Bridled Women: Penelope Pig & Stubborn as a Mule Molly

Audra Clayton, Coffee in Bed

Kristen Cliffel, Little League Elegy

Ashley Cloud, ABC

Ashley Cloud, Entwined

George Cooley, Chevalerie

Ken Coon, Heritage

Ken Coon, Vermont Shrine W/C

Rebecca Coppock, One Woman to the Next

Matthew Cote, Landscape XXVI

Matthew Coté, Full Circle

Mitchell Cunningham, I Waited

Nicole Daley, Grandpa’s Waves

Nicole Daley, Look up?

Diane DeLarme, The River of Dreams

Lori Ditrich, Cup Tea Room Egg

Jennifer Dworek, A Mother’s Love is Strength

James East, Desert Song

James East, Crossroads

Douglas Eberhardt, Old homes and new visitors

Douglas Eberhardt, Unnatural Monoliths

Douglas Eberhardt, Occupied

Nancy Ensign, The next step in human evolution

Samantha Gaton, Puppies to Pork Chops

Mark Giangaspero, Terry

Mark Giangaspero, Shelley

Mark Giangaspero, Dave

Stephanie Hall, Farewell Yellow Brick Road

Benjamin Haytock, Iguazu Falls Sunset

Passle Helminski, Lake Effect

Judith Hodge, Trees for a Green Cow

Fredy Huaman Mallqui, Puchka (Spindle)

Tom Hubert, Black and White Two Lid Teapot

Ed Jonasen, Mysterious Memories

David King, Wet Dream

Gabrielle Knappenberger, Me Time

Suzan Kraus, Circle the Things That Matter #4

Jason  Lewis, Return To Clear Creek

Jason Lewis, Diagonals

Ann Magenau, Lake Affect

Ann Magenau, Untitled 1

Joan Martin, Dust City

Charles Mintz, The Snow Day, Washington DC

Charles Mintz, The Flower Man, Evansville IN

Jody Neugebauer, A Voice for the voiceless, no matter the cost

Frank Novel, Untitled sketchbook enlargement #2

Ashley Paskov, Microscopic Study of Wood #3

Paul Pasquarello, Olmsted Camp

Paul Pasquarello, Yesterday in Portugal

Paul Pasquarello, Home Again……

Jacqueline Sajewski, Todays Fear

Ruth Scanzillo, Nude Gesture

Ruth Scanzillo, Nude With Curly Hair

Lisa Schultz, Abandoned

Eric Schwartz, Planes, Trains, Automobiles and a Robot

Fred Scruton, Joe Minter; Birmingham, AL 2018

Fred Scruton, Charles Wince’s WinceWorld bathroom; Columbus, OH 2019

Fred Scruton, Hubbell’s Rubble; Howard, KS 2019

Deborah Sementelli – Hoenes, The Sting of Death

Paula Siebieda, Alleyway On Fifth

Darrin Simmons, Sad, Sad Headphone Man #1

Roland Slade, Celebrity Activist

Jack  Stone, Purple Maze

Jack Stone, Gypsy Eyes

Sandy Tanner, Majestic…thy name is tree

Gwen Waight, Free Abortion

Gwen Waight, Shitting Balls

Mark Weleski, Playing The Game

Mark Weleski, Someday

Mark Weleski, Old MacDonalds

Gary L. Wolfe, 00110001 00110001

Gary L. Wolfe, 01100111 01110111

Gary L. Wolfe, 00110001 00110011

Carlyn Yanda, Coffee Connections

Carlyn Yanda, Digital Chaos

Barbara Yerace, The Crow Stole