Interested in a tour of the Erie Art Museum? We’d love to have your class/group/organization visit. Please email for details


My colleagues and I recently took our 6th grade students on a field trip to the Erie Art Museum in conjunction with a unit of study. It was truly one of the best field trips we have ever taken. The students were highly engaged in a variety of hands on activities that involved interacting with the art and even creating art themselves. In addition, the team at the art museum even sent us a fun pre-visit lesson. I am definitely planning on a return visit with next year’s students!
Language Arts Teacher, Erie School District

I’m so glad we took the risk and came to the Erie Art Museum! I’d never visited before, and we were surprised and pleased with all the different activities. The Museum staff knew just how to handle our 2nd graders and gave them lots to touch and think about. The kids loved it!
 —2nd grade teacher, Northwestern School District


Complete the form above. We will contact you via email to discuss the options available based on your request.
Most tours include exploring multiple galleries through discussion and gallery games, as well as an art-making activity related to the art on display. We can also provide Museum career presentations.
Yes, we do not want cost to prohibit visitors from touring the Museum. There is a financial aid form on our website. Please complete this application and the tour request form.
The cost varies depending on the length of tour, how many visitors will be attending, etc. Most tours are $10 per person. We ask for payment the week of the tour.
Yes, we actually prefer to offer tours on days when the Museum isn’t open to the public, Monday, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.
The Museum can provide space depending on group size, for lunch.
Tours can be as few as 10 people or as large as 160 people.
Typically tours last 60-120 minutes. We can work within your time frame.
Yes! Our facility is accessible. Groups we have worked with in the past have included individuals with visual impairments, developmental disabilities, dementia, hearing impairments and visitors on the Autism spectrum.
Yes, we allow photography in the Museum as long as the flash is turned off. If there are certain exhibits that prohibit photography, we will inform the group.
Enter the building on 20 East 5th Street between State and French Street. When you arrive, please check-in at the Front Desk. Your tour will begin in the lobby of the Erie Art Museum.
Please be aware parking is limited. We have space for one bus in our loading zone on 5th street. There is metered parking on 5th street, State Street and French Street. We encourage buses to park at Blasco Library and just drop-off and pick-up at the Museum.
There is no discount for members.