Tyanna Buie: Recollections
Oct. 5, 2018 – April 1, 2019

Memories give our lives meaning. They make us who we are. Whether a scrapbook full of family photos or a box of old baby clothes, objects play a major role in our need to save and make memories. But what if you had none of these things? No proof of where you came from? No reminders of where you’ve been?

Having grown up in foster care, Tyanna Buie has almost no photos or keepsakes. Therefore, she makes art to make up for the lack of physical evidence from her past. Her work is about recreating, multiplying and enlarging the memories and objects that were lost, taken or discarded throughout her childhood. She blends fact and fiction to reinvent family portraits and other meaningful objects in an attempt to understand the past and share her experiences.

Please note that all of the works featured in this exhibition were specifically designed for this space and have never been seen before.