volunteer_webGil Asher moved from Grand Rapids, Michigan to Erie as a 60th birthday gift to his wife Jane. As an electrical engineer working in aviation electronics Gil’s career has taken him many places, including Tulsa, Oklahoma, El Paso, Texas and later, very happily, here to Erie as a project manager for GE until he retired in 2013.

Reflecting on his time spent volunteering at the Erie Art Museum Gil talks about giving back to the community, and staying active.

“The Art Museum serves a tremendous purpose in this community, exposing children, young people, and adults to art. I get the satisfaction of doing something for the community. Volunteering keeps my mind active, after 40 years of working it’s hard to just shut off. It’s give and take, I enjoy it.”

Volunteers like Gil give the gift of their time and in return receive the satisfaction of being part of a team whose mission is dedicated to building community by promoting the visual arts.