Lenny_JohnThe Blues and Jazz festival relies on the help of over 100 volunteers each year. Volunteers set up our tents, welcome visitors, assist the bands, work with children and collect donations. John Bliss and Lenny Ginnery have been festival volunteers for over 10 years. They help with operations backstage: loading musical gear onto the stage and providing fresh towels and water for the performers. John and Lenny enjoy working together and look forward to the weekend filled with sunshine, friendly people, and live music at the park. In fact, these two close friends met each other as festival volunteers in 2004.

John shares “It’s a great way to meet so many interesting people at the festival. The bands really inspire me too.”

Bringing a friend along to a volunteer gig can make the experience more exciting. John and Lenny’s accommodating nature and sense of humor even earned an offer from a blues band to join their team of roadies! Thank you John and Lenny for your service to the Erie Art Museum.