volunteerspotlightSome volunteers spend a lifetime associated with the Erie Art Museum. Valerie Finney began volunteering twenty years ago as a freshman in high school. In 1996 when Valerie volunteered for her first Annual Spring Show, the Main Gallery of the Old Customs House was the epicenter of Erie’s art world. As a high school freshman, the whole experience of volunteering for our Spring Show was absolutely thrilling. She became hooked on art.

Valerie’s first experience lead to many more weekends volunteering at the museum with friends helping with mailings, painting galleries, and working special events. After high school Valerie attended Gannon University, earning a degree in Business Administration and Marketing, eventually working at Erie Insurance. Although adult life became busier leaving less time to spend volunteering, she has continued to volunteer annually for the Spring Show reception to stay in touch with the world she loves being part of. Volunteering at the EAM is a way to be connected to art, to meet new people, and to be part of something vibrant and fulfilling. On the occasion of Valerie’s twenty years of service we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all of the help and the great memories.