Second Sundays are perfect for spending time with your kids at the Museum. Different art making activities every Second Sunday of the month. Admission is Pay-What-You-Wish. Our next Second Sunday is January 9th, 2-4pm.

Check out a timelapse of a recent Second Sunday below.

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Previous Virtual Second Sunday Activities

Tissue Paper Painting:

Create a canvas of color with this popular tissue paper painting activity!

Paper bug Craft:

Cutest Bugs Ever. Create your own bugs with different colors, antenna, wings, legs etc. The best part about this craft is seeing what you can come up with!

Origami Paper Umbrella:

April showers bring may flowers! Bring a pop of Spring into your home with these fun and easy origami paper umbrellas.

Clay Dough Easter Eggs:

Make these painted clay dough Easter egg ornaments to hang on an Easter tree, to give as gifts, or to simply display in your home this Easter.

Make Your Own Book:

These little blank books are full of possibility! All you need to make a fold up book is a single sheet of copy paper and your imagination.

Crumpled Paper Art:

Turn crumpled pieces of paper into colorful artwork in this fun art project for kids.

Watercolor Shamrock Clovers:

Watch the magic happen as your primary colors mix and become secondary colors creating these eye popping shamrocks!

Egg Head Planters:

Bring a little spring into your home with these egg head planters and see what sprouts!

Swirly Twirly No-Sew Coasters:

Love a craft that is simple and fun! These coasters are made out of the simplest of materials, but they don’t look like it.

Fingerprint Art Glass Magnets:

There are so many fun ways to create art with fingertips and thumbs. Have your kids find inspiration to create their own fingerprint art then turn them into magnets! m

Woven Watercolor Hearts:

These woven watercolor hearts are an artsy take on traditional woven Swedish hearts. Enjoy the process of watercolors and then start weaving!

Heart Symmetry Painting:

Open up the your heart to reveal your interesting and unique symmetrical heart art!

Artsy Paper Bag Stars:

Half art project, half craft, these artsy paper bag stars are such a unique way to showcase children’s art and decorate your home!

Painted Rock Photo Holder:

Why not turn your painted rocks into a special keepsake? In this tutorial I’ll show you how to use your painted rocks to make special photo holders you can display at home or give as gifts to those special people in your life.

Page Corner Bookmarks:

Page corner bookmarks are cute, practical and deeply under-represented in the world. They’re easy to make, easy to customize, and will set you apart from all those same-same flat rectangular bookmarks. Corner bookmarks are where it’s at.

Snowperson Pinch Pot:

Take your basic snowman or snow woman model and put some of your personality into it!

Mixed Media Winter Birds:

Be inspired by our outdoor friends and use mixed media to come up with something beautiful.

Quilled Snowflake Craft:

Quilling is the wonderful art form of rolled strips of paper, glued together to create a decorative design. We applied this technique within a simple paper tube frame to create a stunning Quilled Paper Tube Snowflake Craft, that’s simple and fun.

Yarn Tree Craft:

Make gorgeous and colourful Twig Christmas Tree Ornaments. A lovely nature craft for the festive season!

Cookie Cutter Art:

Kids will have a blast with this cookie cutter art project! Turn these kitchen objects into a work of art!

Gingerbread House Card:

Homemade Christmas cards are a perfect way to send family and friends special greetings during the holiday season. This colorful gingerbread house card is sure to bring a big smile to someone’s face this Christmas.

Sundays: Nov 29
Splatter Paint Pine Cones:

This pine cone craft is a great way to boost creativity. Kids can try a variety of techniques for splattering paint onto their pine cones.

Sundays: Nov 22
Thankful Crafts:

These easy Thanksgiving crafts for kids will allow your family to practice thankfulness in easy ways whether your kids are 2 or 18!

Sundays: Nov 15
Corn Wreath:

The crisp, cool weather of autumn has arrived! Usher in the season of thankfulness by making these simple, quick, and festive wreaths with your child!

Sundays Nov 8
Yarn Pumpkins:

These yarn pumpkins are such a gorgeous little fall craft project – great for a table centerpiece or even a fall mantle. They’re beautiful on their own, or in a group!

Stained Glass Leaf Suncatcher:

Make stained glass leaf suncatchers with kids! This autumn craft comes with five free printable templates and makes for a quick and easy way to decorate windows to celebrate the season.

Paper Halloween Luminaries:

By day they are colorful shelf or window decorations, but by night they are spooky paper Halloween luminaries!

Paper Plate Mummy:

You’ve probably seen lots of mummy craft ideas but have you seen one as spooky and fun as this? Kids can move the mummy’s eyes from side to side. So creepy and fun!

Haunted House Craft Cut-out:

draw your own spooky window creatures!

Monster Water Art:

Do your kids have a fondness for straws? This technique is perfect for creating shaggy and fuzzy texture, so we decided to make some shaggy, fuzzy and very friendly monsters!

Sundays_Sept 27
Glue Batik:

Create patterns that resist dye when the fabric is painted or emerged in dye.

Sundays_Sept 20
Paper Weaving:

Mix it up a little! Make some cool patterns using this simple weaving technique.

Water Bottle Chihuly Art:

Blown glass is one of those things you can’t help but “oooo” and “aaahhhhh” over. Now, experience glass sculpture at home!

Art Trading Cards:

ATCs (Art Trading Cards) are mini works of art, made on a card the size of a typical trading card. Collect them, trade them, get inspired by them!

Sundays_Aug 23
Paper Bag Kites:

Get set for a blustery day by making your own kite!

Sundays_Aug 16
Mondrian Squares:

With bold outlines, high contrast, and bright colors, Mondrian’s artwork is an inspiration to all!

Paper Mache Bird:

Summer is full of birds! Create your own to place on a windowsill.

Sundays_Aug 2
Dot Painting:

Try your hand at some pointillism painting using summer dandelions as inspiration.

Sundays_ july 26
Doodle Cubes:

Translate a 2 dimensional activity, drawing, into a 3 dimensional project!

Sundays July 19
Rainbow Leaf Prints:

Rainbow anything is beautiful but these leaf prints combine the colors of the rainbow with the delicate details of leaves for a finished product you just want to keep looking at!

Sundays July 12
Yarn Painting:

Would you like to paint without using any paint? This is a really low mess, easy art activity, that is almost mesmerizing!

Sundays_June 28
Second Sunday_June 21
Painted Rocks

It’s time for family fun. Show your family they ROCK with your creativity!

Matisse Art Project

Explore color and shape in a really fun, free, and spontaneous way. Use inspiration from the famous modern artist Henri Matisse to create your own masterpiece!

Second Sundays Graphic
Sharpie Coasters Art

Grab your Sharpies and add some color to your home. Easy art craft for kids of all ages!

Recreating Famous Artworks

Kids can use markers, construction paper, paint, or whatever supplies they’d like in recreating the masterpiece. Here’s a simple and fun way to do it!

Magazine Strip Art

Add color to a silhouette by using strips of paper from magazines!

sundays May 17
Cardboard Stamps

Create DIY stamps with cardboard and other items from your recycling bin. Then make print after print!

sundays May 10
Melted Bead Suncatchers

Make colorful melted bead suncatcher mobile from plastic pony beads. This is such a fun craft to do with kids & makes a great decoration or gift!

Sundays May 3
Name Art

Encourage your little one to tap into their creativity and artistic freedom with this Painter’s Tape & Crayola Paint Name Art project!

Sundays April 26
Hope Dream Catcher

Up for some string art! Get inspired by these Dream Catchers.

Sundays April 19
Milk Carton Bird House

Recycled milk carton birdhouses and bird feeders are a fun quick and easy kids craft that anyone can make! Perfect for kids of all ages!

Sundays April 12
Egg Carton Crafts

We’re guessing you might have some extra egg cartons on your hands. Put them to good use with these simple crafts for kids of all ages.

Sundays_April 5
Plastic Bottle Lid Art

Even plastic bottle lids can be recycled for fantastic art projects. Put your own creative spin on one of these projects!

Sunday March 29
DIY Kaleidoscope Kids Craft

Got an empty Pringles can laying around, or a paper towel roll? Make your own kaleidoscope!

Quick and Easy Toilet Roll Crafts

Now that you are all stocked up on toilet paper, don’t throw those empty rolls away! Here are some fun craft ideas for the kids to try out

Video Tutorials by Erica Whiting

How to create an illustration with words
You just need pencil, paper and a good photograph.

How to draw a cactus
It’s simple and uses just paper, pencil and watercolors!

Second Sundays

Second Sundays are perfect for spending time with your kids or grandkids at the Museum. Different art making activities every month plus admission is Pay-What-You-Wish.


Stained Glass Art
March 8 from 2 – 4 pm

We’re making suncatchers that look like stained glass, Sunday, March 8th at the Erie Art Museum. We’ll provide everything you need, just bring your creativity. Pay-what-you-wish from 2 – 4 pm. Let us know you’re coming.


Design An Egg
April 19

Since we can’t get together for this one, we are egg-cited to see what you come up with. Share your pictures with us on Facebook. If you need a template download it here.


Slime Time
Slime Time is postponed for now. Keep an eye out for it in the future.
Are your kids into making slime? Save yourself the mess and come to the Erie Art Museum. All the fun and none of the clean-up.

For more information about the educational programs at the Museum, contact Marketing DirectorLucia Conti or call 814.459.5477