Ole’ Say Can WE See?

Sculptures and Prints by Garry R. Bibbs

Pictured: Humanity’s High Hurdle | Stainless steel, 18’ x 10’, 2022

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Sheraton and Courtyard Erie Bayfront
Bill Kern

July 21st, 2022 – February 19th, 2023
Main Gallery

A reception to celebrate the exhibition opening will be held from July 21st, 2022 from 5-8 pm. Light snacks, live music, and a cash bar will be available. Professor Bibbs will provide a casual tour of the exhibition at 6 pm. Regular admission applies, members can attend free.

Professor Garry R. Bibbs’ work creates a dialogue on humanity, culture, history, and racial understanding. He aims to make a statement that will evoke deep social and spiritual thinking in the minds of those who observe his sculptures and monoprints. 

This exhibition addresses social and political ideas, issues, and occurrences; both from our nation’s past and from current American society. Bibbs states, “As an African American man born in 1960, I have lived to experience Jim Crow to the January 6th 2021 insurrection to overthrow an election. Our American way of life is back on the witness stand for righteousness and equality, or a verdict for more racial divide, hate and death.” He is curious about this generation and their social media mindset, religion, sex, family, and our community based around people of color. His work questions whether or not we see where we are headed.

He finds daily challenges with various old and new symbols, forms, colors, and images that affect his way of thinking, making and motivation for creating. Bibbs’ art is intuitive – his process is immediate and fast.  He wants this improvisation to be recorded. His study of jazz is how he came to understand art, as well as his culture, religion, and heritage. 

He is best known for his work with direct metal fabrication, welding various types of metals together to form sculptures for the wall, pedestal, or floor. His printmaking concentrates on monoprinting: a process in which paint or ink is applied to a plate and pressed into paper to create one unique print. 

About The Artist

Garry R. Bibbs is the Head of Sculpture at the University of Kentucky where he has taught for 32 years. He has created over 38 public art commissions in cities across the country. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree with honors from Kentucky State University, Bibbs earned his Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Kentucky and a Ford Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Chicago Art Institute. He was an assistant to renowned artist Richard Hunt of Chicago, IL. His many accolades include the 2005 Al Smith award in Sculpture, Outstanding Kentucky artist award, and the NEA Southern Arts Federation Award for Outstanding Printmaker. His work can be found at garrybibbsart.com