The Peep Show is an adorable art competition open to all where we invite you to create masterpieces out of marshmallow peeps! Check out our 2022 Peep Show entries and winners!

Sponsored by Doug & Kathy Grisier

Judge’s Pick

Jeepers Peepers Jackson Pollock by Lux

Best Famous Art Replica

Radiant Chick by Stephanie

Most Creative Use of Peeps

Shy Peep by Harrison

Additional Entries

Dragon Eye by Tilden
Van Gogh by Stephanie
Yellow Peeps but Fancy by Sara
Edgar Degash by Penny
Untitled by Leslie
A Stork Carrying a Sac of Babies by Lauren
The Van Peep’s Bedroom by Jim
Starry Night Peeps by Jim
Starry Night Over the Rhône Peeps by Jim
Self Portrait Enjoying a Peep by Jim
Bunny with Balloon by Douglas
Warhol Self Peeptraits by Debra
The Peep With One Pearl Earring by Debra
American Peeps by Debra
Stamping With Peeps by Carter
Magnatron – A Dali Inspiration by Bill
Washington and His Peeps Crossing the Delaware by Beth
Purple Peep by Arielle